Employees The Grass Is Not Always Greener

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Today’s employee cannot be motivated by salary and benefits alone and in the environment today, the notion of just being grateful that one has a job is the beginning of a slippery slope towards high turnover and low performance. A successful organization leads the person as a whole and it acknowledges that its employees have hearts and heads. Studies conducted on employee retention indicate that: challenging and meaningful work, respect and recognition, a good work environment and a chance to learn and grow are the things that influence employees to stay and many of these factors fall under psychological ownership.
It is easy for large companies to poach employees from small businesses given the flashy benefits and attractive salaries that they offer but sometimes all you need to do is put in some commitment and caring in your employee retention strategy.
1. Reconsider the work hours- by measuring what your people get done so long as they are doing their work, it shouldn’t matter how long they are in the office. You should however, make sure that your employees do not abuse this policy by enforcing repercussions should you decide to employ it.
2. Be family-oriented – think about new moms and dads by offering a paid parental leave or reimbursement for adoption fees and day care. Time off for on-staff parents to attend to their children’s activities and events would also be a well-appreciated gesture.
3. Health services on-site- commit to your employees’ health as part of the employee benefits by situating massage therapists, chiropractors and even physical therapists on work grounds. Consider a wellness program where employees are rewarded for their participation. The reward can be small but it means a lot that everyone participates together towards the common goal of being a healthier work environment.
4. Differentiate the good employees- it can be disheartening for a good employee when they are not held accountable for their excellent performance. Your performance review should fairly address issues that are under the employee’s control. Ensure high achievers get credit where it is due.
5. Upward mentoring- this is really a case of teaching old dogs new tricks. Invite some of the younger employees to mentor some of the older employees as a fresh approach to seeking first to understand before seeking to be understood.
6. Infuse fun into the workplace- a little spontaneity and a fresh twist on things is what is meant by this. Fun enhances creativity after all at it especially does not diminish productivity levels when everyone’s collaboration and work goals are clear.
7. Get rid of jerks- if people do not like their supervisor regardless of having opportunities to learn and grow, receiving recognition and being well-paid, they will still leave. Employees who are demeaning, belittling of others, withhold crucial information, spread rumors or gossips, use fear as a motivator, behave rudely, swears and refuse to accept blame or accountability etc. should be told such behaviors do not foster good performance, trust or respect and do not represent what the company stands for.