Virtual Executive Assistants & How They Can Help Your Business

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Virtual executive assistants (VEA’s) are fast becoming a preferred option for businesses given how cost-saving options and excellent talent provide opportunities both for professionals as well as employers. Many firms are forced to make several difficult job cuts to keep costs in line with their profit margins which can lead to a shortage of manpower and increased workloads. Virtual assistants have generally fulfilled roles such as event planning, database management, data entry and transcription services etc. which have freed up time for management to focus on client growth and profit.
– A virtual assistant can save you money in the following ways: full time staff salary and benefits, office space can be saved for those employees who generate revenue, and the time savings to management will have a definite impact on growth and your bottom line.
– Look for mature talent who are highly skilled with 5 or more years of experience in an Executive Assistant to senior level management role. Matching your personalities is important because the trust that is built between a VEA and their employer is paramount to the success of the relationship. Using these criteria will reduce the requirement of businesses having to invest in additional resources and training saving the company time and money.
– The VEA takes extreme measures to protect their clients’ confidentiality due to the level of clients who use them. Some of the precautions taken include the signing of binding non-disclosure agreements. VEA’s also ensure that they are separated from the internal administrative pool of the client company which ensures that office politics are kept to a minimum level.
– Another point to consider would be the VEA’s consistently work towards keeping the efficiency and productivity levels at an all-time high since the success and reputation of the business depends on the provided service. This is not just a job to the VEA, this is their business as well and the job they do for their clients can make or break future referrals. We all know businesses rely on referrals to grow.
– You can save your executive’s time by using a VEA. It will also be helping to improve their own productivity which will eventually boost your business growth. A VEA can easily save a significant amount of your managements time by taking their administrative tasks off their hands. Time is money for all businesses.
– BEVING BOOKS can assist with all VEA services you might need. Please feel free to contact Cynthia Beving with any questions on how these services could be of benefit to you and your company.