Most frequent questions and answers

Because I also bring Comptroller experience to the table, I’m able to offer customized services that match your needs more deeply than your current bookkeepers.

Plus, I have an innate talent for analyzing your financials to learn your numbers, where they came from, and see potential disruptions to the financial health of your business.

The answer to this question requires a deeper look — there could be a disconnect in your system, your process, or among your staff. I can help you find the disconnect and correct the issue. 

Yes. I can set up QuickBooks for new businesses and for businesses switching (aka migrating) to QuickBooks. I can also add payroll services in QuickBooks, set up invoicing, set the chart of accounts, and everything else needed in QuickBooks to set you up for success.

I can train your staff to use Intuit QuickBooks, perform accounting and bookkeeping activities, as well as related topics to bridge the skills gap. During the consultation, we can discuss and assess your team training needs. 

I work with new and established organizations of all sizes.

While I specialize in real estate, law, and chambers of commerce, I also work with banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, financial services, loan services, tax preparation services, and mortgage brokers. 

These are only a handful of industries/niches I serve. Even if yours isn’t listed here, contact me for a consultation — (with 25 years of experience) I likely have experience in your field and can help. 

The answer is determined by your business, its operating culture, reporting requirements, and other factors. I can help you select or build a chart of accounts that fits your business.

When all your manpower is focused on tax preparation, I can help organize financials for your clients who are unprepared at this critical time of year.

I can fill-in for you, hit the ground running, and make the transition as stress-free as possible. Whether you have an unexpected vacancy emergency or an employee going on extended leave, I can bridge the gap until the position is filled. 

I can even assist with screening, interviewing, hiring, and training my replacement to support your success. 

Yes, we are fully insured!

A financial physician has the knowledge and experience to assess how healthy your business is… or if it is healthy at all. Having money in the bank doesn’t mean your business is profitable. My unique knack for studying financials and Comptroller experience allows me to review your business financials and diagnose cashflow issues.

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