Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Because we also bring Comptroller experience to the table, we are able to offer customized services that match your needs more deeply than your current bookkeepers. Plus, we have an innate talent for analyzing your financials to learn your numbers, where they came from, and see potential disruptions to the financial health of your business.

The answer to this question requires a deeper look — there could be a disconnect in your system, your process, or among your staff. We can help you find the disconnect and correct the issue.

Yes. We can set up QuickBooks for first time users, convert existing desktop account to online and if you are moving from another software to QuickBooks we can assist with the data migration. Beving Books, LLC also has other strategic partners to help streamline your processes and can offer a significant savings in pricing.

We can train your staff to use Intuit QuickBooks, perform accounting and bookkeeping activities, as well as related topics to bridge the skills gap. During the consultation, we can discuss and assess your team training needs.

We work with new and established organizations of all sizes. We have over 30 years of experience with a wide variety of businesses; non-profits, legal, real estate to name a few. Contact us for a free consultation.

It is all timing. You record Cash when you have the money on hand and Accrual items as they are earned or billed (not paid). It is oranges and apples and you should stick to one way to run all of your reports so you have a true picture.

When all your manpower is focused on tax preparation, we can help organize financials for your clients who are unprepared at this critical time of year.

We can step in and hit the ground running to keep the change/transition as stress free as possible. Whether you have an unexpected vacancy or an employee going on extended leave, we can bridge the gap until the position is filled. We also assist with screening, interviewing, hiring, and training to support your success.

Yes, we are fully insured!