Largest Drains on Small Business

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How to free up more time for small business owners
When running your own small business, owners can feel like they don’t have sufficient time to get everything on their plate done. Whether it is spending too much time on some projects to others’ detriment or endless distractions by new problems continually arising in your administration it may seem impossible to set out to do everything you have planned for the day or week and so on. The four common drains of small business owners include:
Trying to multitask
It’s hard not to constantly attempt to stay on top of multiple things at once or juggle your priorities when you’re running your own business. You have to do the work you are actually being paid for by your clients in addition to managing the administration, undertaking marketing or dealing with clients. But trying to do lots of things at once is actually quite an unachievable strategy as not everyone possesses the skill to be effective multi-taskers. If the better part of your daily routine is spent managing multiple tasks at one go, schedule appointment times to concentrate on one thing at a time, use systems that can help you prioritize your duties and sort them out or schedule your daily key priorities by writing a daily to-do list.
Not streamlining your social media
It can be rewarding for your small business to maintain a social media presence that is strong but if this has you spending most of your time on social media, you need to make sure you are getting the most out of that time. Conduct an audit of all your social media channels to see how much time exactly you are spending on each one in relation to the degree of engagement from your followers. This info will help you minimize wasted efforts so that you wisely spend your time.
Poor delegation
Routine work like administration or accounting functions can be one of the highest drains of your time which could be better spent in the management of high-level tasks such as the expansion of your business. Maybe you feel if you just had automation set up to help you stay better organized and on top of daily tasks; like QuickBooks. If you find yourself pinned down by such tasks you could delegate said tasks to outside sources and free yourself up to focus on more integral elements of your work and boost your productivity.
Look at your day; are there specific blocks of time where you were entirely focused on the task at hand and on productivity and you did not encounter any interruptions for whatever reason? If this is not the case, it should not alarm you as it is a common problem in any business. Interruptions are one of the biggest interferences in any workplace and it can take quite a while to get back to your work levels.
Try blocking out chunks of uninterrupted time where you try not to be distracted for whatever reason. Turn your phone off, close all your browser tabs and background apps, hit snooze on your inbox and give yourself time to concentrate on the task at hand. You’ll find yourself working a lot faster.
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